Top 5 Podcast Episodes of 2021

December 15, 2021

As producer of CommonGood Capital’s podcast ‘A New Lens’ I’ve been fortunate throughout 2021 to be able to listen in as Jeff Shafer speaks to all kinds of people about thier own personal Impact journey – showcasing a broad spectrum of beliefs, backgrounds, and interests – but all with one key similarity: they’ve all found a joy and freedom in being able to invest themselves and their resources into the common good.

See below for five of my favorite episodes of 2021…

Episode #11 – Jonathan Shafer on Impacting Africa

Hear Jonathan describe the journey that led to moving his family to Rwanda, and the immediate need for power in Africa.


#23 – Laura Whitaker on Impacting Individuals with Disabilities

Laura tells the story of how Java Joy is bringing a newfound appreciation of those with disabilities to the corporate world.


#19 – Korey Pollard on Using Hollywood for Impact

Korey passionately explains how sobriety changed his career and led him to starting a production company with formerly incarcerated partners.


#21 – Coss Marte on Impact After Prison

Coss takes us through his journey from prison to dedicating his life to transforming other people’s body (and minds) for the better.


#29 – Russell Ginise on Affordable Housing

Russell lays out the scope of the shortfall and importance of Affordable and Workforce Housing availability in the US.



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