James Bruehl

Marketing Specialist
James is a marketing specialist that has worked in media and advertising for 19 years. A programmer and designer by origin, and a Creative Director, Producer, and Project Manager by experience. He has a degree in the digital arts, and deep experience in digital-based design, web-design and development - as well as all types of digital advertising. James also frequently works offline, creating tangible things such as full brand identities (logo, print materials, etc), ride films, ride concepts, live corporate presentations, government simulations, and much more - for clients big and small. In his free time James enjoys spending time with his son, travel, keeping his pulse on Internet trends and culture, finding and evangelizing interesting movies to his podcast audience, charitable volunteering, and launching creative personal projects.

CommonGood brings together a team of financial professionals with unique career paths and shared values to positively impact today’s transforming investment landscape and worldview.

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