How We Walk the Walk

Whether helping RIAs create deeper, more meaningful intergenerational relationships with their clients, creating alignment with investor capital and the local and global opportunities they care about, and being a source of advice and implementation of innovative impact investment opportunities – at CommonGood we are all about making an Impact.

One specific way we are all about making an Impact is investing in companies that align with our own values. Take for instance Verdant Frontiers, which designs and builds large-scale businesses to deliver compelling returns for investors and life-changing jobs in Africa. Or Masaka Affordable Housing, which provides a new eco-conscious affordable housing design in Rwanda, addressing the growing need to house the expanding urban population of the country.

On the domestic side of things, another passion of CommonGood Capital is to positively Impact the lives of the formerly incarcerated – an overlooked but driven population here in the US. We’re invested in businesses like Conbody, founded and operated by a formerly incarcerated entrepreneur, which hires formerly incarcerated individuals as instructors in their rapidly growing personal fitness business. Or I Have a Bean, an award winning coffee maker who passionately employs “post-prison people” in the production of their organically grown, fairly-traded crop to cup coffee.

At CommonGood Capital we think it’s important to walk the walk. We don’t just preach Impact – we live it out everyday.

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