Investment Banking

Activate the Power of Capital

We help companies who care about profits while also thinking about the opportunity and responsibility to impact their stakeholders.

In the United States of America in 2020…​
$471 Billion​
of giving last year.[1]


$76 Trillion
of corporate debt ​ and equity markets.[2]
$6.0 Trillion​
of federal spending.[3]

Capital has the power to change the world…

Capital is a tool and is used for good and for bad. The difference is the goal and the motives behind the capital. Imagine what would happen if we filled the gap between purely profit and purely charity. It would create another vision of success and undoubtingly would unleash creativity and innovation totally untapped.

Business/Investment is the vehicle to deliver this change

The idea that a business’s sole purpose is for profit is being challenged. While profit is necessary and good, a business serves more stakeholders than just stockholders. Employees, service providers, the environment, communities, and shareholders are all impacted by how businesses are run. In addition, the mission and what the business produces (product or service) also impact these stakeholders. Increasingly business leaders are looking for capital and capital providers who take this holistic approach.

The New Exchange

Let us help you with your business needs by infusing excellence of the mind and heart. We don’t view this as a transaction, but rather as a relationship helping businesses do well by doing good. And this is not a simple formula, but a commitment to progress that never stops.

Our Services

Advisory Strategy and Structuring

Let us help you with your business needs by infusing excellence of the mind and heart.

Advisory Impact/ESG

Let us help you with your business needs by infusing excellence of the mind and heart.

Mergers and Acquisition

Let us help you with your business needs by infusing excellence of the mind and heart.

Our Impact Framework

When assessing an Impact investment, these are the four key elements we evaluate…

Financial Return

Targets range from risk-adjusted competitive returns to concessionary levels below market rate

Intentionality of Impact

An ethos of creating positive social or environmental benefits for all stakeholders

Measurement / Reporting

Detailed and tangible disclosure of financial and non-financial outcomes


Meeting the needs of the present without compromising future generation’s needs

Take the Next Step

If you are interested in learning more about integrating Impact Investing into your investment banking needs please contact us.

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