Start With Your Why

November 20, 2020

Open up your inbox and you’ll see countless emails mentioning “the unprecedented time we are in.” Nobody needs to be reminded of this, so I’ll spare you the rehashing of the events that have unfolded in 2020. The grand finale crisis of 2020 seems to have culminated in possibly the most contentious presidential election in U.S. history. Through it all, I am reminded of a couple things. First is the resilience and hope that is so deeply embedded into Americans. Second, is the power of capital: philanthropy and investing. The latter, impact investing, is becoming more and more a desire and an option for investors as they strive to align their values with their investment capital along with benefitting the good of society.

Inequality? Environment? Affordable Housing? Financial access? Taxes? Take any of these issues and there are ways to harness investors capital to make a measurable improvement in the issues they hold near to their heart – while also investing for returns. This empowers investors by being a solution to the problems our world faces. Investors can take matters into their own hands while still providing for their financial future. Impact investing is here to stay and is a more viable and accessible catalyst for change and returns than ever before.

This requires learning, listening, and acting. It may take some time, but I can promise the journey will be enjoyable and well worth it for you and your clients. We would love to help you along this journey and would highly encourage you to start with your WHY.

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