Luke Littleton

Vice President of Investments

Prior to joining CommonGood Capital, Luke spent several years with a leading alternative investment asset manager, CNL Financial Group. His background includes fund management, due diligence, and corporate finance experience across multiple investment strategies, including Private Equity and Private Debt. He was responsible for investment underwriting, monitoring, and valuation; as well as debt capital markets functions on funds that in aggregate managed over $4 billion of AUM. His experience with structuring and operating both public and private investment offerings provides insights for financial and regulatory reporting. Luke was also an investment committee member for CNL Fund Advisors II.

Luke holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of Central Florida, where he also received Bachelor’s degrees in Accounting and Marketing.

Luke is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys snowboarding, beach volleyball, camping, and kayaking. He’s passionate about home improvement projects and giving back to his community.

CommonGood brings together a team of financial professionals with unique career paths and shared values to positively impact today’s transforming investment landscape and worldview.

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