QOFs Might Be the Answer

March 17, 2020

Volatility is upon us again. Has it been a catalyst for rebalancing, pruning, or repositioning? What do you do now? Did this trigger some taxable gains? Afraid to jump back into the stock and bond market?

Well if your clients are sitting on realized gains and want to diversify outside of the market, defer and eliminate some future taxes, while positively impacting the lives of communities and individuals – then you need to consider Qualified Opportunity Zones Funds (QOFs). It’s not every day that you get bipartisan support on an initiative to help communities around the US while setting up a program to incentivize investment and tax efficiency for investors, and QOFs fit that mold exactly.

It is time to be proactive with your clients and solve financial concerns with real solutions that have the potential to greatly impact others. Let us help you get up to speed – your clients deserve to know about this option even if they decide that in the end it’s not right for them.

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