Impact: Meet the Demand

December 17, 2020

There is growing evidence that the majority of millennials view their investments as a way to express their social and environmental values, with over 92% in one Deloitte study saying that business success is about more than just profits. Also, according to one Morgan Stanley study, 84% of women expressed an interest in sustainable investing. While plenty of articles give the impression that the push for sustainable, responsible, and impact investing is on account of women and millennials, Morningstar research suggests that 72% of ALL investors, regardless of subgroup, are interested in investing in a better world.

And yet, many advisors struggle to meet the growing demand.

In 2021, allow CommonGood to learn about your current approach toward clients interested in SRI/ESG/Impact investing, provide you questions to ask to guide the process with clients, and give you an actionable path forward via a free 30 minute consultation.

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