EFM Invests in Climate-Smart Forestry

February 14, 2020

Since their founding in 2004, Ecotrust Forest Management has invested over $130M and transitioned more than 77,000 acres of forestland to FSC-certified, ecological management in Oregon, Washington, and California. EFM’s management strategy is grounded in local knowledge and reinforced by partnerships with conservation groups, tribes, government agencies, and forest product companies.

EFM acquires real assets largely overlooked by conventional investors because of their unique, sometimes challenging, operational, environmental, or social attributes—targeting landscapes that will benefit from our management strategies and yield significant climate change mitigation benefits. EFM undertakes significant restoration to improve forest health, enhance carbon storage, reduce fire risk, and we harvest steady amounts of timber as well as other forest products to support rural enterprises. Many of our properties are destined to become state parks, wilderness areas, community forests, preserves, or tribal lands.

EFM believes that climate-smart strategies are the future of real asset investing in a carbon-constrained future.

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