Capital Has Power through the Hands that Steward It

September 15, 2022

Growing up, my dad would always tell me, “What makes you good can also make you bad.” I never gave much thought beyond his gentle reminder, but as the years have rolled by, I now know what he was referring to. At the time, I was an overly-driven teenager working ridiculous hours and playing sports until I physically couldn’t (due to foot surgery in college). My drive and my appetite for competition were good things. My parents were thrilled that I wasn’t lazy or unmotivated. The only problem was, that good thing turned ‘bad’ when I lost sight of why I was doing what I was doing. I became injured, burned out and by the time I hit 40 years of age, I was at a standstill physically and professionally. My initial, positive drive had been both misused and overused.

I would liken everyone’s capital to this same train of thought. Capital is a tool, and with that tool comes power. As with all power, it can result in something positive or negative. This power can weld something good or something bad in the heart of its steward. Does it foster joy and freedom, or perhaps fear and greed? One’s capital has effects, and in all aspects, these effects matter.

Looking at Impact Investing, its particular effect is multi-faceted, as is most investing. However, the scope of Impact Investing is more personal as it deeply effects those to whom the capital is issued and on those whose capital is invested. Most Impact Investing focuses on whom, and how, the capital is used. Money has power therefore, capital has power. How one stewards it matters.

Reflecting back over these first five years of CommonGood Capital, I can honestly say the drive and intent are still ‘good.’ I continue to have a deeply (and increasingly) personal desire to help advisors and their clients feel the difference Impact Investing brings by aligning their values with their investment capital. Thank you for joining us in this ‘good’ journey of joy and freedom that Impact Investing brings.

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