Takeaways from Walker & Dunlop’s Latest Multifamily Outlook Report

Walker & Dunlop released their Multifamily Outlook for the first half of 2023. The report is full of insights from their seasoned team of commercial real estate professionals, clients, and partners in the multifamily space, in which they are an industry leader. Three key takeaways they highlight on their website include:

  1. That 2023 will be a balancing act for the economy
  2. That CREUnited narrowed the diversity gap in CRE
  3. That applying ESG principles in Multifamily is good for the planet and good for business

You can read the full report here and we should also mention that Walker & Dunlop is the parent company of Alliant Strategic Investments, the fund manager of the ASI Multi-Family Impact Fund – which sources, acquires, enhances, operates and asset manages a portfolio of multi-family properties – and which CommonGood Capital actively champions and is invested in as an organization. MFIF’s preservation strategy works to reduce the shortage of nearly 7 million affordable and available rental homes that low-income renters face in the U.S. Here’s a short video from Russell Ginise, President of ASI, explaining the preservation strategy…

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