Episode 55

John Bowman on the Problem With ESGs

Oct 31, 2022

Jeff Shafer, CEO of CommonGood Capital, is joined by John Bowman, who serves as Executive Vice President for CAIA Association, to discuss his start in financial services, his eye-opening 14 years at the non-profit CFA Institute, how CAIA protects clients through education and advocacy, the importance of a stewardship mindset, his controversial thoughts on ESG, and much more.

A New Lens with CommonGood Capital
A New Lens with CommonGood Capital
#55 - John Bowman on the Problem With ESG


John Bowman
Executive Vice President for the CAIA Association
John has devoted over 20 years to the asset management industry to recover the narrative of the value that the investment profession bring to society and is a staunch public advocate for market integrity, long-termism, investor outcomes, diversity, human dignity and educational standards, as necessary ingredients to building a sustainable and healthy profession. He is a prolific writer and commentator, frequently appearing in industry and business publications such as the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Pension and Investments, Financial Advisor, The Independent, Wealthmanagement.com and CNBC.


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