Episode 35

Alexandra Dest on Infusing Love Into Capital

Dec 16, 2021

Jeff Shafer, CEO of CommonGood Capital, is joined by Alexandra Dest, founder and CEO of Willow, to talk about her path in financial services from a start in compliance to working her way to a CIO position at Berkshire Bank (all while battling multiple sclerosis), changes in her perspective on the financial industry after the market crash in the 80s, how being an independent thinker helped her become her authentic self in life and business, her unique thinking on cryptocurrency, and much more.

A New Lens with CommonGood Capital
A New Lens with CommonGood Capital
#35 - Alexandra Dest on Infusing Love Into Capital


Alexandra Dest
Founder and CEO of Willow
Alexandra Dest brings more than 30 years of investment management experience, and was First Vice President at Berkshire Bank (then Berkshire County Savings Bank), having begun her tenure as a Senior Investment Officer, where she established investment strategies and managed individual accounts totaling $550 million. Alexandra began her career in 1987 as a Compliance Specialist at Advest, Inc. where, over a three-year period, which included the stock market crash, she rose to the positions of Portfolio Analyst and Investment Manager, and spearheaded strategies for internally managed client portfolios. Alexandra holds a BA in Economics from the University of Connecticut.


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