Fortis Green is Bringing Power to East Africa

November 18, 2021

Fortis Green strives to build durable companies for the future of Africa, providing capital for small-scale renewable energy assets in Sub Saharan Africa, primarily in East Africa. The Fund has an initial focus on small-scale run-of-the-river hydropower assets, which have been a primary driver of rural African electrification. These hydropower assets are attractive due to their potential return, positive social impacts, and limited environmental externalities.

We recently held a fund update webinar with Fortis Green co-founder Jonathan Shafer that examined the role small-scale renewables are playing in shrinking the energy gap for the 600M Africans currently without access and the pipeline of investment opportunities across East Africa. We also discussed different renewable energy technologies and the recent close of Fortis Green Renewables Green Fund I. Watch the replay at this link, or watch a short Fortis Green overview video below…

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