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February 18, 2021

One of our big goals at CommonGood Capital is to be a resource for RIAs and Investors by providing education and access to world-class impact investments that have been vetted through our due diligence process, making your job easier.

The evidence is showing that 72% of ALL investors, regardless of subgroup, are interested in investing in a better world, according to Morningstar research. Some groups have even shown greater interest than the broad population. According to a Morgan Stanley study, 84% of women expressed an interest in sustainable investing. A Deloitte study found that over 92% of millennials view their investments as a way to express their social and environmental values, stating that business success is about more than just profits. Conclusion: Your clients are already statistically likely to react positively to the idea of Impact Investing – and yet, many advisors struggle to meet the growing demand.

To help you help your clients move from idea to action we’ve created a variety of free resources for you to utilize…

  • Consultation
    Allow CommonGood to learn about your current approach toward clients interested in SRI/ESG/Impact Investing, and offer an actionable path to communicating those opportunities to your clients. Click here to schedule a consultation »
  • 10 Questions to Ask Your Client
    Start with these gentle questions to gauge interest as well as to start your clients thinking about how their capital can be profitable while also benefiting the common good. Click here to download the “10 Questions” PDF »
  • Inspiring Podcast Episodes
    We’ve published a series of short podcast episodes that focus on the themes of Impact Investing, paying close attention to keeping them accessible to finance professionals and investors alike. Share these episodes with your clients to help start the dialog towards a more satisfying portfolio. Click here to listen to and share the podcast »

We are serious about helping you transform your clients views on the power of capital and stewardship because we know that is the direction they are already heading. The time is now to get started.

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