Could 2023 Be the Year?

Right now, leaders from across the globe are meeting in Davos at the World Economic Forum. The theme for this year is ‘Cooperation in a Fragmented World’. Some of you are cheering Davos and others are sneering it. What I make of it is that there are real needs, a desire for progress, and that capital and ideas have power. At the same time, ESG is being held as part of the answer across the globe, while at home, we are in a tug-a-war between the left and the right. In the meantime, regulators are busy doing their thing creating rules and regulations in the middle of all this fragmentation. It’s not easy to have hard and fast opinions about these topics mentioned because often the devil is in the details.

That is why I love Impact Investing. It’s about setting goals: financial and non-financial, measuring and reporting on those goals, and adjusting based on the results. Who doesn’t want equality, a healthy environment, and big problems solved? Could 2023 be the year when we focus more on the outcomes? It seems like that could be a rally-cry that many could agree on even if the methods to get there are not. It’s logical to think that the results would speak the loudest to what works and what doesn’t. But we need to be humble and willing to change directions if the results aren’t there. It’s time to unleash both creative and innovative juices to solve such problems with a focus to achieve results beyond just financial goals. 2023 is the year!

– Jeff Shafer, CEO CommonGood Capital

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