Come See Us at IPA Summit

April 20, 2022

Don’t miss Jeff Shafer, CEO of CommonGood Capital on May 6th at 8:30am for a panel on ESG & Impact in Alternative Investments at the IPA Summit in Washington D.C.

ESG and Impact Investing fall under the umbrella of Sustainable Investing. Already confused? With a little time and explanation from experts and practitioners, you will better understand this global trend. What once was about charity, non-profits, and exclusionary screening has grown to incorporate world-class asset managers, innovative boutique managers, and leading data and research financial institutions. It is not only for institutions and foundations. With the greatest wealth transfer ever upon us, along with the significant interest from women and millennials, it’s imperative to understand the opportunities and challenges. Some key questions we will discuss are: What is ESG and Impact Investing? Is it possible to generate market-rate returns? How can you integrate ESG & Impact into alternative investments? What are some investable Impact themes? And, can you trust the data? The build-out of Impact Investing and ESG is well underway. Join the conversation… Learn more.

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